How to Add Indian GST Tax in Opencart

How to Add Indian GST Tax in Opencart

1. Login into admin panel of Opencart.
2. Then go to System – Localisation – Geo Zone.
3. I am considering Delhi as my source state. So we will make Inside Delhi as my one Geo Zone. You can make your own state as per your source state of your products.
4. Now we will make rest of state as second Geo Zone called Outside Delhi. It should contain all states Outside Delhi.
5. So we now have to setup 2 GST geo zones for India.
6. Now go to System – Localisation – Taxes – Tax rates – Add New
7. We will first setup taxes within state which will be SGST and CGST.

8. Suppose total tax is 18% so it shall be 9% each for SGST and CGST.

9. You can see below SGST 9% for geo zone as Inside Delhi.

10. Now we set up CGST 9% for geo zone as Inside Delhi.
11. Now we will make IGST 18% for sales outside state.
12. Similarly you can create more tax rate Ex: 5% GST, 12% GST.
13. Now its time to create a new tax class for 18%

14. So go to System – Localisation – Taxes – Add new.

15. We have created 18% GST and added all tax rates related with 18% GST.

16. So we have tax classes now for GST 18%. You can have more like if you have different rate. Follow above method to create first tax rates and then tax classes. Seems easy !
17. Now we have all set up taxes. Its time to assign to product.

18. So go to Admin – catalog – product – edit – data tab.  On this page you can see tax class like below. So for this product we are going to assign 18% GST.

19. And similarly you can assign different tax rates to different products in Opencart.
20. Now we are going on Checkout Page for Inside Delhi
21. Now we can check tax rates here…
22. Now we are going on Checkout Page for Outside Delhi.
23. Now we can check tax rates here…
If you had any doubts setting Indian GST tax setup you can contact us on email at

2 comments on “How to Add Indian GST Tax in Opencart

how can we set gst tax rate slab wise as like
any product if below rs 1000 is taxable @5%
same product above rs 1000 will be taable @12%

and if any product above taxable rate is 12% but when its rate after discount its prise will be below rs 1000 then tax muct be @5%

how to set this let me help

    admin Post author

    Hello Prakash,

    For this feature either you will have to buy an extension or You can choose alternate option.

    You will have to create 2 type of GST. One for 5% below 100 and second is 12% Above 1000.
    And when will add the product as per your product price you can select either 5% or 12% GST.

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